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At the origin of Ravifruit, two farmers from Drôme, near Valence, who wanted to enhance their fruit and preserve its authentic flavor for demanding professionals.

35 years and many changes later, the company has kept its soul... and restores the flavor of fruit picked at just maturity in its purees, coulis and frozen fruit, by making the right blends of selected varieties, 100% natural, without dyes, preservatives or flavorings.

Partner of Lenôtre training, Ravifruit participates via its products in the pastry world cup, and markets its products via a selective network. Ravifruit purées are made upon receipt of the fruit from local producers, as far as possible, by two mechanical refining of the fruit, without any heat treatment in order to preserve the flavor of the fruit intact. The quality and maturity of the fruits is crucial, no degradation is in fact tolerable without pasteurization of the product. Only 10% of sucrose (and not invert sugar with a more sweetening power) is added for their conservation before freezing. For its ambient purees, Ravifruit proceeds as for its frozen purees, by adding a gentle pasteurization step (60-70°C) which greatly limits the loss of taste before placing in tetrapack packaging.

These purees are made for making ice cream and sorbets, macaroons, cocktails, marshmallows and fruit jellies, jams, coulis...

These frozen compotes were developed with Christophe Michalak , with beautiful fruit marks. These are ready-to-use catering products, combining an average of 30% sucrose and the right dose of thickeners to give them good hold. They can be used on panna cotta, white cheeses, to garnish tartlets and pastries...

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