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Born in 1926, Paul Bocuse was named Chef of the Century and then declared “Pope of gastronomy”.

Discover the prestigious story of the chef who has become a world symbol of haute cuisine, renowned across the four corners of the globe for his exacting know-how and his unique culinary mastery.

It was in 1989 that Paul Bocuse became president of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, then was named Chef of the Century and was then declared the “pope of gastronomy”.

He also became the ambassador of “Nouvelle Cuisine” while mastering traditional cuisine. It was his quest for excellence, his passion and his expert know-how that enabled him in 1965 to become three-starred and to remain so until the end of his life.

From his desire to share his love for gastronomy, he created his first brasserie in Lyon in 1994, then multiplied the openings throughout France. 10 years later, he created his Paul Bocuse foundation in order to pass on his know-how and his passion for simple and fair cuisine.

Paul Bocuse is a global symbol of French haute cuisine. He is one of the rare chefs to have dedicated his life to cooking, to having transformed and developed it, to having passed on his expertise and know-how.

However, "Monsieur Paul" as he is called by those close to him, is also a simple man who loves the good pleasures of life. He is a man close to people who likes to take the time to discuss and be interested. His relatives and collaborators will tell you about this almost family relationship that Mr. Paul maintains in his daily life.

It was from his dream of creating his own brand of coffee that Bocuse products and Maison Bocuse were born.

Paul Bocuse passed away on January 20, 2018 and left behind his spirit and his mark that will forever mark French and world haute cuisine.

It is his son Jérôme Bocuse who has since continued to bring his father's dream to life by taking over the Bocuse house and surrounding himself with experts to support him in the creation of high quality French gastronomic products.

We are happy to make you discover fine and quality products such as coffee, spreads and Paul Bocuse jams. Products controlled by the expertise and rigor of the best workers in France and produced in France with unique know-how.

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