Poultry stew with creamy risotto - 380g

VAT included

A great classic of French cuisine, chicken meat and creamy risotto, a tender and melting recipe.

Ingredients/Composition : Poultry meat from France 31%, rice 40%, UHT cream 35 %MG (milk cream from France), emulsifier, stabilizer, button mushrooms, carrots, corn starch, water, flavoring (contains celery), salt, chicory, pepper.

Packaging/Storage Storage conditions: Room temperature - dry

Product storage after opening: In the refrigerator at 4°C

Shelf life after opening: 3 days after opening

Optimal Use Limit Date: 4 years

Produced in France by Val de Luce, Master Craftsman in Picardy: High-end quality ready meals, created by Val de Luce, House founded in 1981. Handcrafted, dishes in jars without added coloring or preservatives.


Poultry stew with creamy risotto - 380g

Poultry stew with creamy...