List of products by brand HUGO REITZEL

Hugo Reitzel is the historic Swiss brand of the group, named after the company's founder! Hugo Reitzel brings together a wide range of condiments ranging from traditional pickles to antipasti, mustards, cold sauces and salad dressings.

When, in 1909, Hugo Reitzel moved to Aigle to create the company, he was far from imagining the development that his company would experience...

More than 100 years later, the brand has now become a benchmark in the world of condiments and pickles in Switzerland. Hugo Reitzel products are processed and manufactured in Aigle, in the canton of Vaud. This historic factory, which is also the company's headquarters, is the only and last cannery for vinegar products in Switzerland.

Hugo Reitzel continues its commitment to supporting Swiss agriculture and local products by launching its new range of products grown by Swiss farmers, renamed HUGO!

This new collection renamed HUGO in tribute to the founder of Reitzel, brings together the following products:

  • Pickles (pickles, cucumbers, zucchini curry and mushrooms)
  • Mustards (semi-hot, wild garlic, coarse grain or spicy)
  • Mayonnaise (with Swiss eggs)
  • Vinegars (apple and fresh herbs)
  • Salad dressings (traditional, with herbs, honey & mustard)

The ingredients of these products come from Swiss agriculture.