List of products by brand CONSERVERIE AU BEC FIN

The AU BEC FIN cannery, craftsman of Provençal flavors.

Created in 1991, and located in Cogolin, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the Conserverie AU BEC FIN was born in Provence and claims its status as an artisan of flavors. She has always had a passion for the gastronomy of her region and its recipes. Tastes and flavors that she intends to share, with individuals and professionals alike.

Handcrafted production

The various products in the range are produced in Cogolin, in a 1,400 m² laboratory. After storage, the raw materials are prepared, peeled and cleaned. All preparations are made without preservatives. As for the recipes, they are inspired by Provençal tradition, with a few carefully guarded trade secrets.

Featured recipes from Provence

Who has never heard of the flavors of Provence? They bring the sun to your table with its inimitable fragrances. At the Conserverie AU BEC FIN , recipes from Provence are the stars. Passed down by the elders, they are made respecting tradition.