Very Gourmand
French Grocery

Very Gourmand is our story, a story of two gourmets:
Armel and Emmanuel, two French and gourmet friends above all!

Expatriates in Lisbon for 4 years and nostalgic for good French local products, we decided to create an online French grocery store for all French expatriates and lovers of French gastronomy so that everyone can have their home delivered anywhere in Europe.

Lovers of good products , we wanted to share it with as many people as possible and we have selected the best French houses in all specialties, from delicatessen to charcuterie, including butchery, regional cheeses or traditional cakes. .

French local products

From andouille from Guéméné to smoked duck breast from the South West, from andouillette from Troyes to pâtés or rillettes from Le Mans, from duck foie gras to Bresse chicken, from old Cantal to Saint Maure de Touraine, beef from Aubrac to black pork from Bigorre, from pink biscuits from Reims to Four quarter breton, not forgetting Bordeaux, Burgundy or Loire wines, you will find all your favorite French products in our grocery store.

The best French houses

We have grouped together our fine selection at the Rungis International Market , the largest fresh produce market in the world, where all our shipments leave from! We offer more than 2000 French local products.

A refrigerated insulated package

All our packages have insulated packaging specially designed for the transport of fresh products and to withstand shocks. Accompanied by cooling gels , they guarantee that all your products are kept cool until you reach your home, whatever the outside temperature.

Delivery within 24/48 hours throughout Europe

We send all our packages with the courier DHL in 24h / 48h whether you are in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Greece or Romania.

To sum up, we deliver to you throughout Europe the best French local products.