List of products by brand FERME DES BAHARDES

Of all French cheeses, Maroilles is the one with the oldest history. Its method of manufacture has been faithfully transmitted to the present day. Véronique and Pierre-Marie products recognized as protected designation of origin are the expression of an intimate link between a production and a region.

La Ferme des Bahardes is made up of a herd of 120 dairy cows (Prim's Holstein and Rouge Flamande). Animals are raised with respect for tradition and the environment, with a fodder system essentially based on grass.

Passion, rigor, constant concern for quality and know-how are all assets that drive the daily life of the partners and employees of the Ferme des Bahardes.

The processing workshop offers a wide range of dairy products recognized for their diversity and their qualities. Maturation takes place in a natural red brick cellar. 

The harvested milk makes it possible to produce farm maroilles with raw milk as well as other farm products such as the dumpling of Avesnes, the flamiche...