List of products by brand MARCEL PETITE

Since the 1880s, the Petites have been cheesemakers in the Jura Mountains.

From 1934 Marcel, with the confidence of local fruit dairies, became a refiner: he raised on his own account and sold his cheeses. Today the Comtés from 35 fruitières are matured in the cellars of Granges Narboz and Fort St Antoine.

Comté Marcel Petite a style a delicacy. Comté, 1st cheese appellation in terms of tonnage, obtained its AOC in 1958. This large format cooked pressed cheese is made every day in the dairy from raw milk from Montbéliarde cows: 400 liters of milk for a 40kg wheel. !

Marcel Petite Comtés come from fruit orchards located mainly in mountain areas. These terroirs, the work of the men in the sector, make them Crus de Comté offering a palette of remarkable richness and great diversity.