List of products by brand MAISON DELOUIS

Innovation and respect for French gastronomic traditions are today as yesterday the two guiding principles of Maison Delouis for the production of mustards, mayonnaises, sauces, vinaigrettes and vinegars.

Creator of the first preservative-free mayonnaise in 1991, Delouis continues to innovate and offer essential gourmet products for everyday life: tartar sauces, aioli, Béarnaise, green pepper or fig mustards, these condiments will take your taste buds!

To produce all of its ranges, Delouis has its own research and development laboratory and benefits from the experience of great chefs. Faithful to its motto "quality through naturalness", Delouis adheres to the most demanding "Quality and Environment" approaches: 80% of these ranges are free of additives, preservatives and thickeners.

It also offers certified organic products that meet the standards of the profession.