List of products by brand EDMOND FALLOT

La Moutarderie Fallot is an independent Burgundian and family house since 1840. Equipped with a powerful industrial tool, it has preserved the know-how of the mustard maker.

Equipped with a powerful tool, it has been able to maintain the know-how of the mustard maker: the grinding of the seeds with a stone grinder which preserves all the taste qualities of the paste. Particular attention is paid to the preservation and protection of the environment: sorting and recovery of our waste, treatment of our effluents, etc. Marc Désarménien, grandson of Edmond Fallot, is currently at the helm of the company. About twenty employees contribute to the quality of production. The company has expanded its product range over the years with aromatic mustards, vinegars, preserves and condiments; with a manufacturing process responding to a quality approach in which La Moutarderie Fallot is committed.