List of products by brand AGNEAU FERMIER DU QUERCY

Lamb from Quercy, raised by funny ewes with black-rimmed eyes, free-range Quercy lambs are distinguished by the discreet taste of their tender meat. They were the first labeled in France.

Walking on the causse, you may only see short grass and dry stone walls before coming across strange sheep with black-rimmed eyes. They are the ones who raise the famous Quercy free-range lambs, who, in the sheepfold, sheltered from bad weather, take full advantage of their wanderings on the causse.

Fairly light meat, slightly pink, soft on the palate, with a tender grain, and low in fat, which in no way recalls the pronounced taste of mutton.

The lambs with dark glasses have something to be proud of by displaying two distinctions on their list: a Red Label won in 1990, an indisputable guarantee of quality which requires compliance with very demanding specifications, followed by a Protected Geographical Indication, in 1996.

Breeding is concentrated particularly on the edge and in the heart of the Causses du Quercy regional natural park. The dry grasslands and the alternation of valleys and valleys, of water and stone constitute an ideal exploration ground for the ewes of rustic breed, solid walkers.