List of products by brand LA LAITERIE VERNEUIL

The breeders of the Laiterie Verneuil are above all farmers living to the rhythm of nature and the seasons, 365 days a year.

They must constantly demonstrate multiple skills and master different subjects. They render, by the very essence of their profession, many services to society: maintenance of landscapes, maintenance of economic and social life in the countryside, creation of direct and indirect jobs, preservation of biodiversity, ancestral contribution to the reputation of French gastronomy...

In daily contact with their animals, our breeders attach particular importance to animal wellbeing : women and men who are passionate about their activity in farms on a human scale, strongly linked to the land, where the comfort of the herds is both obvious, a will and a necessity, since happy animals and in good health produce more… and better ! The majority of our breeders adhere to the Charter of good breeding practices which goes well beyond regulatory obligations.

The Touraine-Berry Cooperative brings together 136 family farms, associated producers-cooperators who are committed to " make the most of milk by offering consumers quality dairy products by guaranteeing that its products are natural, tasty and 100% French.