List of products by brand MAISON BRAQUIER

More than any nation, France can be proud of its sweet specialties. Montélimar, Nancy, Cambrai, Aix en Provence, Vichy, etc... possess the title of nobility of mouth which contributes in part to their fame. Verdun has sugared almonds.

If there is one French confectionery product whose quality remains unequaled and whose reputation is world-wide, it is unquestionably the Dragée.

This classic candy, reminiscent of ancient and noble traditions jealously guarded over the centuries, is becoming more and more widespread in modern times.

Basins or rickety used for centuries to make dragees Its origins are very remote.

It was around the year 1220 that an apothecary from Verdun had the idea of genius. He took almonds which he used to make his cakes, he coated them with a layer of sugar and honey then, to facilitate their transport, made them harden.

The Dragee was found and bore the name SPICE.

This product soon had its vogue among the nobility and bezel was de rigueur for ladies.

These spices remained in the form of pralines until around the year 1600 then took their current form: hard but smooth envelope retaining the shape of the fruit.

In 1660, Colbert wrote to the King: "There is a great trade in sugared almonds in Verdun".


In 1783, the J. BOIVIN confectionery, rue Mazel, represented the first phalanx of what was to become the BRAQUIER Establishments.

Messrs. Léon BRAQUIER and Edouard BOIVIN bought, after the armistice of 1871, the Château de Coulmier, the former holiday resort of the bishops of Verdun, and set up a vast factory.

Completely destroyed during the Battle of Verdun in 1916, the factory was rebuilt and modernized.

The company "La Dragée de Verdun", former Etablissements L. Braquier, was definitively incorporated on August 11, 1921.

BRAQUIER sugared almonds have conquered the whole world. Prestigious amateurs have marked the legend of our company over the years:

  • Napoleon 1st,
  • President Carnot
  • His Majesty Edward VII King of England,
  • His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales,
  • Their Majesties the King and Queen of the Belgians,
  • President Charles de Gaulle.


Today, the company perpetuates its know-how in the same premises as in 1920: the Coulmier factory. It is one of the last artisanal dragée factories in France.

The star is still the classic almond or chocolate dragee, but the offer has diversified to delight all gourmets: fruit jelly dragee, nougatine, giant dragee (which changes colour) or even chocolate specialties such as the Léontine or the Obus Braquier!