List of products by brand CASPIAN TRADITION

It was in 1995 that Arya and Ahmad Razavi founded the company CASPIAN TRADITION. Established in Belgium in 1987, both had first attended the Brussels campuses.

Admittedly, their respective families predisposed them to such a specialized vocation, in particular that of Ahmad where we have been experts from father to son for more than 40 years. Undoubtedly the Iranian origin of the interested parties made it possible to consolidate the necessary contacts within the very restricted framework of the world of caviar.

It is in this spirit that Dr. Ahmad Razavi personally visits fish farms around the world several times a year to select his wares with passion. The selection on site is an essential step in the delivery of goods above suspicion and the couple who grew up in this very closed circle can pride themselves on being one of the few insiders who guarantee such a centuries-old tradition.