List of products by brand LAFITTE

True foie gras specialist of traditional Landes duck the long history of the LAFITTE company has its source in MONTAUT, a small picturesque village in the Landes in the South West of France, backed by the hills of Chalosse, to which the company is intimately linked.

Founded in 1920 by Pierre LAFITTE the company's original activity was the sale of game (partridges, woodcocks, ortolans, hares, etc.) and Foies Gras to a clientele of traditional restaurant owners in the region.

- A traditional duck

Ducks with foie gras come from an old and rustic stock with slow growth recognizable by its black and white coloring. An absolute guarantee of quality.

- Landais producers

LAFITTE committed to mastering the entire sector from ducklings to canned products by collaborating with around 80 breeder-feeders located within a maximum radius of 40km around Montaut (80% of which are less than 25km away). This makes it possible to perpetuate the tradition of old-fashioned breeding within the framework of local and reasoned agriculture on a small scale. Our palmipeds thus benefit in the Landes from breeding in the open air on grassy courses in a natural environment.

- Appropriate food

The entire production follows the Label Rouge specifications which imposes a duck with foie gras from a rustic strain a diet with non-GMO products (corn, wheat, soy, minerals and vitamins) an absence of antibiotic treatment and a traditional pen fattening with whole grain maize from the Sud-Ouest. This type of traditional production represents less than 5% of French production.

- The " LAFITTE " guarantee associated with the "LANDES" origin ". 

Since 2002 LAFITTE has had its own breeding and production specifications which guarantee its customers a traditional fatty duck raised for a minimum of 102 days and fattened with whole grain corn. Also the Protected Geographical Indication IGP LANDES which certifies the geographical origin of the ducks. This certification is found on all the labels of our certified raw or processed products.

- Share with you the authentic Taste of Quality

When ancestral craftsmanship meets modern processes.

By associating the know-how of the elders the competence of a local and experienced staff with permanent investments in the workshops and the production tools LAFITTE guarantees you the best product. Moreover, with the obtaining in 2012 of the IFS accreditation and its renewal in 2015 at the higher level, the company demonstrates its ability to meet the requirements of its customers by mobilizing all of its services.

- A controlled sector for a traditional quality certified Landes

Rare are the “foie gras houses” capable of providing total control of their production, from canned ducklings, like ours! By extending the scope of its specifications to its processed products LAFITTE traces all of its manufacturing and certifies its raw and processed products.

- Respect for taste above all

The traditional duck farming method gives foie gras and cut products a rustic taste and a unique texture. Prepared in small series by hand by cooks, the foie gras requires only light seasoning without the need for artifice and the cooked dishes are prepared according to simple and traditional recipes from the LAFITTE family.

In addition, all canned foie gras pâtés and ready meals are guaranteed without additives or preservatives.

- A Prestigious Partnership

As part of its partnership with the association " Le Club des Chefs des Chefs " LAFITTE Foie Gras contributes to the influence of French gastronomy throughout the world by highlighting this treasure of our culinary heritage, Foie Gras.

- The Cooking Schools Competition

Since 2015 LAFITTE has been organizing a New Aquitaine Cooking School Competition where young cooks in apprenticeship or training in hotel schools in the region must overflow with imagination and redouble their precision to seduce with their recipes on a theme imposed a prestigious Jury sponsored by a great chef from the Landes or practicing in New Aquitaine. In 2015 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Festivolailles de Saint-Sever 4 young people were in competition on the theme "Capon and foie gras" and it was Caroline Simon from the BEST FERRANDI school in Bordeaux who seduced Michel Guérard Michel Trama and Jean Cousseau with his recipe for Capon and Foie gras with green cabbage and Anna apples.