List of products by brand MONIN

Syrups for professional quality cocktails and drinks. Monin has been developing a range of top-of-the-range syrups for more than a century, intended for bar and catering professionals, but also for individuals looking for quality and originality.

Monin, syrups for making all types of drinks

On the one hand hot drinks such as coffee, tea and chocolate, and on the other hand cold drinks such as cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, which some bartenders call mocktail or virgin cocktail. But also many kinds of drinks such as milkshakes, teas, lemonades etc…

The syrup thus provides flavor, sweetness and well-being and relates to emotions, pleasure and the gourmet aspect.

Other syrup flavors can be added to provide the same pleasure such as white chocolate, chocolate biscuit, brownie, apple pie, popcorn...

For the second category, cold drinks, let's start with drinks made with lemon or lime juice. Many classic cocktails, lemonades contain citrus juice for their refreshing properties. To balance out those citrus notes, drinks should contain a dose of sugar. To do this, you can use sugar, honey or syrup. The advantage of using syrup is first of all to balance the acidity but also to bring flavor and color. This is what bartenders call a "twist". But the syrup can also bring more than sweetness, the sugar contained in the syrup allows to reveal the aromas of the cocktails.

Whichever flavor you choose, each syrup contains a perfect dose of sugar. Not too much, to be able to make cocktails where bitterness or acidity dominate. Neither too little because the sugar is a vector of taste and allows all the aromas of the drink to be released.

MONIN syrups offer a wide range of syrup flavours, from the great classics, such as grenadine or mint, to the most original and even surprising: find, for example, the freshness of cucumber or the delicacy of popcorn in our syrup flavours.

Monin syrups can be used to create simple or complex cocktails. Thus, the Mojito Mint syrup allows you to make the famous Mojito in no time, but also more sophisticated cocktails such as the Mauritius Julep. A syrup allows you to make dozens of different cocktail variations, from great classics to unique drinks.

Each flavor of syrup can be used to create cocktails with or without alcohol. Do not hesitate to mix the flavors either: the associations of aromas are unlimited, even the most surprising! The apricot and basil syrups give life to a lemonade that is both fresh and delicious. Pineapple and ginger syrups subtly flavor the beer. Passion fruit syrup blends with coffee to give body to an iced latte.

Innovation is at the heart of our values: Monin regularly develops new flavors of syrups adapting to the trends and needs of our customers and to the desires of our customers' customers. The latest additions to our range are Acerola syrup, Bergamot syrup and Cold Brew and Rooibos concentrates. The diversity of our syrups allows you to free your imagination to create cocktails or other flavored drinks.

Our know-how in the service of taste, central to French culture, has enabled us to be present in more than 150 countries. The authenticity and quality of our syrups, the creativity of our flavors make Monin the world leader in flavoring.