List of products by brand BISCUITERIE GUÉGUEN & FILS

Located in Brittany, on the banks of the Blavet in Hennebont, the Gueguen et fils biscuit factory was founded in September 2005 with Martine and Daniel Gueguen and their children.

Martine and Daniel Gueguen worked for 24 years in their pastry bakery in Arzano. Over the years, the reputation of our Breton Arzano cakes has gained notoriety and has spread throughout Brittany.

Since 2005 and the opening of the biscuit factory, we have always made the Breton Arzano cake identically, while expanding our range of products.

Our production is artisanal and we always work by hand. Our suppliers are local producers.

Today we are a team of 9 dynamic and motivated people.