List of products by brand PADOUEN

The PADOUEN collective is a highly structured group of breeders, producers, associations and private bodies which aims to develop the Noir de Bigorre sector while keeping the authenticity of this breed of pig. 

In 1981 only thirty four sows and two males were counted, among twenty breeders. You will have understood that this breed of pig, very popular in the Middle Ages, fell victim to intensive farming and found itself in the shadow of mass production in the 1980s. The Noir de Bigorre being too slow, too greasy and not very productive was not sought after by industrialists in the sector. It was then that the PADOUEN collective was founded, with an idea: to restore the image of Noir de Bigorre! 

It is precisely with fat that the collective brings this exceptional breed back to life. The fat produced by Noir de Bigorre has unique taste qualities.

It is therefore with 30 years of effort and resistance that today the Noir de Bigorre enjoys growing notoriety, it is even recognized among the greatest European hams. 

This result is possible thanks to a well-structured collective where all the players in the sector are represented. Values are clearly displayed, and it works!