List of products by brand PONTHIER

Maison Ponthier offers a range of fruit purées made in France.

The Ponthier teams select top-of-the-range raw materials in France and around the world, harvested at maturity once a year.

Ponthier purées coulies and sorbets Ponthier fruit purées are characterized by their particularly intense color and authentic taste.

The family business has been serving fruit for more than 50 years. 

At its head, Yves Ponthier has chosen an exemplary quality for the transformation of the fruit. A trust has been established with the great chefs, pastry chefs and ice cream makers in search of excellence.

At the Portes du Midi, at the end of the village of Objat in the Corrézien basin, the Ponthier factory of 10 000 m2 installed on 5 hectares of greenery, displays an image of modernity. Yves Ponthier is proud to go around it every day. In the four workshops, 70 people work the fruits of their hands with passion and rigor. For the most part, they have followed the evolution of the Ponthier house. A history of generations is the strength of the company.

Fresh pomegranate puree - 1kg

Price €19.15

Maison Ponthier has chosen to source its supplies from the “Pomegranate Valley” in Turkey, the country where pomegranates originate, as well as in Sicily, a land with a volcanic geography. An apple-shaped autumn fruit, the pomegranate consists of many small, very juicy translucent seeds of a ruby...