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La Ferme de Viltain is part of the landscape of the Saclay plateau and its cultivated land extends over the communes of Jouy-en-Josas, Buc, Les Loges-en-Josas, Bièvres, Villebon and Saclay.

Family business since 1954, Viltain Farm now extends over 255 hectares, of which 50 hectares are open to the general public for picking fruits, vegetables and flowers: a giant vegetable garden at the gates of Paris! The farm now has 135 hectares of cereals, corn and rapeseed intended in particular to feed the herd and 160 hectares allowing the cows to graze freely.

La Ferme de Viltain is also home to the second largest dairy herd in France with its 600 animals, including 350 dairy cows. A total of 4 million liters of milk are produced each year. Part of the milk from his cows is processed in the farm's dairy. Fifty-year-old know-how that has earned its yoghurts and cheese strainers numerous awards.

Owners of the Ferme de Viltain since 1954, the Dupré family has never ceased to want to bring the city and the countryside closer together. Benoît Dupré affirms it: “The campaign is more than ever necessary for the balance of each one. As a farmer, our role is to transmit to the younger generations the values of the agricultural world, those of the land and traditions. Here is a fine example of a fervent defender of the values of agricultural Ile-de-France and the regional brand PRODUCT IN Île-de-France .

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