List of products by brand ATELIERS DE FUMAISON SAFA

In 1926, SAFA made smoked salmon its specialty. This was born by chance when, bringing salmon from Eastern Europe, a Polish family had the idea of salting and smoking the salmon in order to guarantee greater preservation. One day, the fire went out but the sawdust continued to burn slowly, it was the beginning of a beautiful story...

Since its creation in Montreuil, SAFA has therefore naturally imposed itself as the reference in terms of salmon smoking.

Its know-how for almost 100 years has remained traditional and artisanal, thus making SAFA a specialist in high-end and gourmet smoked salmon.

His secret:

A fresh fish, filleted by hand, exclusively salted with sea salt (no added sugar), slowly cold smoked with oak and beech sawdust.

His speciality :

Wild salmon caught in the Baltic Sea. Organic salmon, SAFA having participated in the development of the specifications.