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In a building inspired by Palladio's villas in Veneto, in the heart of the town of Epernay on the famous Avenue de Champagne. 

Champagne Esterlin presents a unique style made with a traditional and unique method. Most of the wines are vinified without malolactic fermentation, synonymous with freshness, intensity and good aging potential. To add more complexity, they obtain a longer aging time: 5 years for the Brut Eclat which is disgorged 1 year before marketing, 6 years for the Blanc de Blancs Eclat and 10 years for the cuvées and cuvées Identity. This duration gives the wine a great aromatic and taste complexity, with superior taste notes of aging.

The Esterlin Champagnes manage to keep both the roundness and the freshness of the fruit (citrus fruits, yellow fruits) depending on the cuvées. The reserve wines are made from a Solera, initiated in 1972 with exceptional quality. La Solera brings to our non-vintage wines: Brut Eclat and Ex-Solera, a higher density and induces a rich and complex body. Maison Esterlin also uses fermentation in oak barrels for its Cléo Blanc de Blancs 2010 cuvée.

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